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Art for your floors

We have recently been sourcing rugs and carpets with one of our expert trusted suppliers, STEPEVI. Rooted in the carpet capital of the world, STEPEVI is an Istanbul based company, a leading example in the high-end luxury sector for both residential and commercial Interior Design.

With this in mind, we have been busy exploring the exquisite materials, textures and layers that fabricate a rug, and musing over the incredible impact in which a rug can transform a room immediately.

A Bedroom fit for a Princess, with a graduated Pink Rug

The age-old craft of weaving Rugs originates from the middle east and dates back thousands of years. Although initially a practical measure in one’s home, rugs soon became an expression of wealth and grandeur, as such, designs became more intricate and, in some cases, precious metals such as gold and silver were intricately woven into the patterns.

Over time, modern technology and expert craftsmanship have allowed us to explore the finest materials to weave such as bamboo, silk, banana leaf, mohair, merino, alpaca linen and viscose. The carpet world can become a minefield, so our next blog in the series will explore which is the best fit for your home. For now, we'd like to share with you some of our top suppliers, favourite designs and practical guidance.

In India Hand-Knotted yarns dry, ready to be woven into a beautiful rug

The Rug Company is renowned for crafting the finest luxury rugs in the world. Known in the Interior Design World for collaborating with some of the worlds leading creatives. We particularly love the Feather Marble Maroon by Mary Katrantzou seen below. A beautiful example of a contemporary design where the pattern runs to the edge, almost oozing into the room. This can make a space feel more relaxed and inviting.

A beautiful mix of Classical Architecture and Comtemporary Design

A Rug can make a small room feel bigger, and in turn make a vast open space feel more comforting. We like to position the furniture around a rug, using a coffee table or bed for example as the centerpiece. It doesn’t matter if the whole piece of furniture is not over the rug. If the front feet of your sofa are placed on the rug it helps to pull the room together. Of course, the colour schemes are important to bear in mind too, which is why we like to create bespoke designs with carefully selected colour poms to compliment your interiors.

For a Bespoke Rug Design we choose each Colour Pom meticulously

If you are working with a more open-plan scheme or zone-specific spaces, a rug with a border can help to define the area. Rugs with borders tend to have a more traditional feel, but they do not necessarily need a traditional aesthetic. For example, this stunning Scallop rug design by Salvesen Graham and Jennifer Manners.

A Bordered Rug defines the Dining Space/Zone in this Bay Window

And last but very not least, if you want a rug to be the starting point of your interiors and are looking to inject a bit of fun, colour and joy into your home we absolutely adore the creations by CC Tapis.

Colour Blocking: So Much Fun collection by CC Tapis

If you need help souring, designing or making a rug work with your interior design schemes get in touch.


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