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Valentines Gifts, but make them Luxury

With less than two weeks to the big day, we wanted to share with you an Ultimate Luxury Valentines Gift Guide for the Interior Design Lover in your life.

In a world where luxury knows no bounds, selecting gifts is an art form in itself, so we hope we can help you along the way and ease the pressure to find a gift that resonates on both a personal and luxurious level.

Where commonplace simply won't suffice, the allure of rarity and exclusivity is paramount. Whether it's a limited-edition timepiece, a bespoke piece of jewellery, or a rare vintage wine, the gift should exude a sense of exclusivity that mirrors the recipient's lifestyle.

We adore the elegance of the ‘Orchidee Decanter’ by Lalique, highlighted by satin-finished crystal, orchid flowers symbolise seduction, sensuality and refinement. Made from crystal of the finest quality, this decanter opens the doors to a universe of everyday luxury living.

#1 A numbered edition masterpiece by Lalique

Sometimes, the most memorable gifts aren't tangible objects but rather unforgettable experiences that cater to the senses and ignite the spirit of adventure. A Romantic Rendezvous at Hotel Café Royal offers an opulent setting to foster lasting memories.

Hotel Café Royal has been thoughtfully designed to feel like a private residence. Think private chauffeur-driven cars, Ruinart Champagne, hand-cut flowers by the talented in-house florist and windows overlooking the electrifying scenes of central London all from your own luxury escape.

#2 A Romantic Rendezvous at Hotel Café Royal, London

A well-deserved weekend getaway in the english countryside. The Beaverbrook Hotel, nestled in the Surrey Hills

Recently we dabbled into some conversations about Biophilic Design and the impact being nature into your home can have on your mental health and well-being.

And so, as the traditional Red Rose rears its head again, we thought we would introduce a gorgeously beautiful, long-lasting and sustainable alternative. Sourced from a Fairtrade B-Corp Farm in Holland the delicate Infinity Roses can last up to three years adding a touch of extraordinary elegance to last.

#3 Adorn your life with Biophilic Design

Timeless & Contemporary Home Comforts  In Pursuit of Comfort this Christmas with Johnsons of Elgin

A really personal touch when Home Styling can be through the love of Books. Our go to retailer for statement Coffee Table books is Assouline. Their exquisite Books serve as fascinating literary creations, objet d’art and add textual diversity to your coffee table —we find books lend insight to the interests of the owners whilst adding those finishes touches to the Interior in which they lay.

'The vision, since day one, has been to create books that would complete a well curated library. Today, well-appointed home of the eternally well-dressed, are likely to have an expansive collection of Assouline books in their homes of offices.' - Founders, Prosper & Martine Assouline.

#4 Accessories for the perfectly styled home: Objet d’art & Personal Reflection

You may have seen, we have been working in partnership with the Rennie Grove Peace Care Hospice in Watford. It feels good to give back to the local community and add a touch of hope to those who need it most.

Philanthropy is a cornerstone of many UHNWIs' lifestyles, and gifts that incorporate a charitable component resonate deeply. Whether it's a donation to a meaningful cause or the establishment of a charitable foundation in the recipient's name, the gift of giving back holds immense significance.

#5 Give the Gift of Giving Back

Luxury Travel Accessories to Elevate Your Itinerary  Globe Trotter, visit the London Flagship store in Burlington Arcade

It’s a delicate dance between opulence and intimacy but we hope our selection of gifts have eluded sophistication, thoughtfulness, extravagance and above all the inspiration to get gifting.

Now the most important question…

Who is your Valentine?


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